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The Governor Olive Oil
Scientifically supported Health Benefits

Premium, Organic, High Polyphenol Olive Oil

World's first 'healthy oil' due to its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, neuroprotective, and anti-cancer properties.

New Olive Oil Harvest
Experience the taste of

Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Taste the Governor EVOO fresh from the new harvest
The freshest olive oils from the October harvest are now available.

As seen in...

Introducing the Governor Extra Virgin Olive oils

Fresh as nature intended, from our olive groves to your table.

A very fine extra virgin olive oil from Corfu island, with fresh aroma and taste, rich in texture and high in Polyphenols.

I consider the Governor one of the best high phenolic oils Greece produces and always include in my tastings. Cannot think of a more caring and beautiful gift to yourself or a loved one!
Irini Tzortzoglou- Greek cook and winner of the MasterChef 2019 UK
As a health influencer, I understand the benefits of extra virgin olive oil, but not all olive oil is created equal, far from it. It’s important to choose a brand with high Polyphenols content that is harvested early and cold pressed. The Governor, now my go-to olive oil brand, accomplishes all these feats and it also tastes amazing.
Allison Stubbings
It really is the Governor of olive oil!!!
Tom Kerridge Michelin-starred chef
The Governor premium extra virgin olive oil really is the best quality oil you’ll buy! We call it the golden nectar in our house… full of goodness, bursting with flavour and you can use it for pretty much anything! Produced on the beautiful island of Corfu, this family run business focuses on quality and the results are truly superb!
I first heard about The Governor Olive Oil when I saw it on Julia Bradbury's Greek Adventure when she visited Corfu. I thought I'd try out the Governor for myself. It did not disappoint . The quality of the olive oil is exceptional. Its
honestly the most luxurious olive o-l I've ever tasted.
Jenny Conlon Cooper
I have bought many Extra Virgin Olive Oils from all over the world and IMHO the Governor Premium is the best of them all.......hands down. Everything from ordering, packaging and of course the quality is exceptional. Wonderful health benefits with this Olive Oil.
B. Donnelly
I have used olive oil for years but never really tasted it with other brands until I discovered Premium Extra Virgin Olive oil. It tastes so fresh and the benefits that come with adding it to a healthy lifestyle is a no brainer.
Shelley Bird
Worth every single penny. As a chef this robust, fresh, grassy, peppery EVOO adds a real depth and flavour to food.
Luke S
The Governor Premium is soothingly smooth and yet full of Corfiot character. Either start your morning served straight up with a daily peppery kick or drizzle its goodness to finish any deserving dish, a little goes a long way. Only dress with the best!
I started using the Governor a few months ago after hearing good reports from bio hackers Davinia Taylor and it being used in cancer trials. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June and have found taking it has helped with side effects from chemo such as joint pain and my skin is not so dry either. Well worth the investment.
Fiona Quirke

"PREMIUM" Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A very fine extra virgin olive oil from Corfu island, with fresh aroma and taste, rich in texture and healthy antioxidants.

Introducing The Governor

What is High Polyphenol / Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

High phenolic olive oil is the name given to scientifically measured extra virgin olive oil. It simply means extra virgin olive oil which is far higher in healthful polyphenols than regular extra virgin olive oil.

Polyphenols are plant compounds with antioxidant properties which can be found in many kinds of plant-based foods such as fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds, tea, coffee and wine, and they can be found in abundance in extra virgin olive oil to varying degrees. 

It is one of the main reasons the Mediterranean diet with olive oil at its core benefits our overall health. 

There are over 30 different naturally occurring polyphenols found in extra virgin olive oil, which are rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These work to neutralise free radicals, protecting the body at a cellular level.

In addition to their potential health benefits, these premium high phenolic olive oils are prized for their distinctive flavour profiles and are used in gourmet cooking and high-end restaurants. 

It's a fabulous foodie find for anyone wishing to improve their wellness through food!

Why High Polyphenol Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Heart Healthy

Why High Polyphenol Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Heart Healthy

Valentine's Day may have come and gone, but the importance of keeping our hearts healthy is a year-round affair! And what better way to show some love to our tickers than with a drizzle of high polyphenol extra virgin olive oil?

Extra virgin olive oil has long been recognised for providing significant cardiovascular protection and reducing risk factors, including poor lipid profiles, high blood pressure, endothelial dysfunction, diabetes, obesity, and thrombosis.

For many years, science suggested that it was olive oil’s high healthy monounsaturated fatty acid content that provided all the health benefits; however, more recent scientific evidence now suggests that it’s the polyphenols that provide superior protection beyond the monounsaturated fat content. 

This makes complete sense as other oils, such as sunflower and rapeseed, containing high amounts of monounsaturated fats, do not offer the same health benefits. 

Extra virgin olive oil contains at least 30 polyphenols, most of which are unique to olive oil. These naturally occurring antioxidants are abundant in olive oil however the amounts vary considerably between one oil and another. This is due to several factors - olive variety, geographical location of the olive trees, olive maturity when pressing, cultivation and production techniques. 

By definition, high phenolic olive oil has to contain at least 250 mg polyphenols per kilogram of oil to bear the health claim "olive oil polyphenols contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress"

Oleuropein, oleocanthal, hydroxytyrosol, and their derivatives are the most important polyphenols. Studies show that these polyphenols have antioxidantdant and anti-inflammatory properties, helping to lower the risk of several chronic diseases, including heart disease. These compounds provide protection and help to reduce existing damage to the heart and arteries. 


So how much olive oil should I take?

Quality is more important than quantity. Since most polyphenols are lost in the refining process, always choose a high-polyphenol extra virgin olive oil rather than a refined olive oil.

As per the EU health claim, the daily recommended amount that people should enjoy is 20 g (4 teaspoons) for improved heart health. As you can see a little dose goes a long way in protecting your heart and lowering your risk of many other chronic diseases. The Governor EVOO is extremely high in these antioxidant and anti-inflammatory polyphenols. 

It is easy to incorporate EVOO into your daily diet, either enjoy it straight off the spoon or shot glass or drizzle it over salads, veggies, and soups or make delicious homemade pestos, dressings and sauces. 

Treat yourself or a loved one to a gift that has value beyond its amazing taste. Our beautifully designed handmade bottles come housed in their protective boxes perfect for gifting. Cook up a romantic heart-healthy Valentine's meal (see our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Recipes for inspiration) 


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Elevate Your Cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Elevate Your Cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tantalise your taste buds and transform your culinary creations with liquid gold, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO).

Almost all recipes start with a tablespoon or two of olive oil, the essential, central ingredient of Mediterranean cooking. EVOO is always the starting point of something delicious. 

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Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil - New Harvest

Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil - New Harvest

We are delighted to announce the arrival of the new harvest 2023/2024 Governor Premium Limited.

Harvest time is an enchanting time of year, and it’s a time of anticipation eagerly awaited by producers and olive oil enthusiasts alike.

We were lucky enough to visit the mill for a few days to help with the harvest and taste the new season's oil. It is always a very humbling experience. The Dafnis family work tirelessly from morning until late at night with a commitment to tradition and excellence to ensure the olives are pressed as quickly as possible to ensure the freshest, highest quality olive oil.
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