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Understanding Extra Virgin Olive Oil Labels

Understanding Extra Virgin Olive Oil Labels

When shopping for olive oil, you may come across various terms and labels that need to be clarified. Understanding what these labels mean can help you make an informed decision and choose the best olive oil for drinking.


Extra Virgin:

Extra virgin olive oil is the highest quality and most flavourful olive oil. Look for this label to ensure you're getting a premium product. High phenolic olive oils like the Governor are certified and by definition have to contain over 250 mg/kg of polyphenols So, not all olive oils are high in polyphenols.


Cold-Pressed vs Cold Extracted:

Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil means that no heat was used during the extraction process, which helps retain the natural flavours, aromas and important healthful nutrients. The word pressing no longer applies in reality since very few mills use pressing. Cold extracted is the current production method used to produce high quality extra virgin olive oils.



Organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil is produced without the use of any pesticides, synergic chemicals and fertilisers resulting in a healthier oil for your body and the planet.


Single-Origin or Single-Varietal:

This label indicates that the olive oil comes from a specific region or variety of olives. Single-origin olive oils can offer unique flavours, aromas, and characteristics similar to wines from different vineyards or grape varieties. An olive oil profile can range from mild and fruity to very spicy.


Harvest date:

The harvest date should be displayed on the bottle. Olive oil has a shelf life of 18-24 months from the date of harvest. Fresher olive oil is more flavourful and higher in headful polyphenols. Look for bottles with the current season's harvest dates to ensure optimal quality.


Extra virgin olive oil should always be stored in a dark, cool place, like a kitchen cupboard, to help preserve its shelf life.

Always replace the lid quickly after each use and consume within six months from opening to ensure maximum taste and healthy properties.