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Sustainable Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

High-quality olive oil that’s good for the planet as well as your health!

The olive tree, its roots deep in history has been considered sacred for centuries. They are a powerful symbol of longevity, peace and harmony. 

The olive tree grows naturally throughout the Mediterranean and has been cultivated in many other parts of the world. When olive trees grow in their natural environment, like those at Olive Fabrica, they are the most climate-friendly. 

Olive trees benefit the environment in many ways. The trees act as a carbon sink. The production of 1 litre of olive oil removes 10kg of CO2 from the atmosphere. They are slow-growing, hardy tree that is a low consumer of water, only using what it needs without taking essential minerals from the soil. The olive groves provide a great level of biodiversity.

Following a Mediterranean-style diet that is heavily plant-based, low in meat products and includes EVOO, is a sustainable, healthy way to eat.

The Governor Evoo is worth every penny for such high quality oil and fantastic customer service from Maria. It tastes of quality and flavours my food wonderfully, my salads taste great as does pasta with some drizzled over. I am also taking it as a daily supplement and can't wait to reap the benefits. I never want to run out of this Olive Oil!! Thank-you...!
The Governor premium extra virgin olive oil really is the best quality oil you’ll buy! We call it the golden nectar in our house… full of goodness, bursting with flavour and you can use it for pretty much anything! Produced on the beautiful island of Corfu, this family run business focuses on quality and the results are truly superb!
You can taste the health benefits in every delicious drop.
Kelly Worsfold
I can highly recommend the Governor EVOO, it tastes sensational and the bonus is the awesome health benefits.
T Rigler
I started using this oil 3 months ago and am noticing the significant health benefits especially in my joints!Would highly recommend it as it tastes great and I don't even like olives!!!!
Mandy Johnson
This is the best olive oil we have ever had, it's far superior than any other we have tried, we won't be buying any other. We are on our 2nd bottle now and the added health benefits makes it even more appealing and the service is first class.
Jane Grime
I have bought many Extra Virgin Olive Oils from all over the world and IMHO the Governor Premium is the best of them all.......hands down.Everything from ordering, packaging and of course the quality is exceptional. Wonderful health benefits with this Olive Oil.
Bernand Donnelly