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The Governor EVOO

Welcome to the UK home of The Governor Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

We are honoured to be part of this amazing project and to be working so closely with such a genuine family who are so passionate about producing one of the healthiest extra virgin olive oils in the world.

We love using healthy high quality ingredients to nourish our family and truly believe that food can be a powerful medicine. Being a health-conscious family we are always on the lookout for authentic natural produce to add to our daily diet so we were very excited to discover The Dafnis family and experience their medicinal olive oils.

The Governor Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The reason this partnerships is so exciting for us is that the Governor Extra Virgin Olive Oils exemplify what a high-quality product should be. Generations of love, care, expertise and a quest for nothing but the best results in an end product that is packed with what it should be, 100% high phenolic organic olive juice and not a massed produced product pretending to be something it is not.

Our journey began whilst on our first visit to the beautiful island of Corfu. As an olive oil lover, I had previously read about the producers Spyros and George and their  pioneering achievements in the production of high phenolic extra virgin olive oil. I was fascinated by the science and wanted to know more so booked my family on a tour of the Dafnis family Mill. It was a truly fascinating, educational experience which really opened our eyes to the whole world of high phenolic olive oil.


Spyros and George Dafnis are the 2 younger  generations of the Dafnis family and are transforming the mediocre olive oil that the family had been producing for generations into a medicinal quality multi award winning high phenolic olive oil. They were one of the first olive oil producers in the world to embrace the study and production of high phenolic olive oil and have made the Governor EVOO an international success.

We became fascinated by the many contributing factors that make this EVOO so special and the health benefits it had to offer our family. We returned from Corfu with our bottle of The Governor Limited EVOO and delved into the research regarding the health benefits of high phenolic EVOO. The more we discovered the more we knew that this was something we wanted to share with other like-minded people.

harvesting olive oil

Five months after our initial meeting and having agreed to become the exclusive UK distributor we were back in Corfu to take part in the olive harvest. This encompassed everything from picking the olives through to the pressing. To have witnessed the effort and dedication that goes into creating this single variety same day cold extracted extra virgin olive oil was truly something. Tasting the freshly pressed oil hours after we had picked the olives will be a memory that will last forever.

We hope like us you enjoy one of the healthiest cold pressed olive oils our planet has to offer.

The Governor Evoo is worth every penny for such high quality oil and fantastic customer service from Maria. It tastes of quality and flavours my food wonderfully, my salads taste great as does pasta with some drizzled over. I am also taking it as a daily supplement and can't wait to reap the benefits. I never want to run out of this Olive Oil!! Thank-you...!
The Governor premium extra virgin olive oil really is the best quality oil you’ll buy! We call it the golden nectar in our house… full of goodness, bursting with flavour and you can use it for pretty much anything! Produced on the beautiful island of Corfu, this family run business focuses on quality and the results are truly superb!
You can taste the health benefits in every delicious drop.
Kelly Worsfold
I can highly recommend the Governor EVOO, it tastes sensational and the bonus is the awesome health benefits.
T Rigler
I started using this oil 3 months ago and am noticing the significant health benefits especially in my joints!Would highly recommend it as it tastes great and I don't even like olives!!!!
Mandy Johnson
This is the best olive oil we have ever had, it's far superior than any other we have tried, we won't be buying any other. We are on our 2nd bottle now and the added health benefits makes it even more appealing and the service is first class.
Jane Grime
I have bought many Extra Virgin Olive Oils from all over the world and IMHO the Governor Premium is the best of them all.......hands down.Everything from ordering, packaging and of course the quality is exceptional. Wonderful health benefits with this Olive Oil.
Bernand Donnelly