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The Governor Premium Extra Virgin Oil
The 1st EVOO in the world to be classified as a health oil with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, neuro-protective & anti-cancer benefits.
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Exceptional Manufacturing Process
A superior quality EVOO produced in limited quantities.
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Health Benefits
Unusually High in Polyphenols particularly Oleocanthal and Oleacein.
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These rare EVOO’s are high in health promoting polyphenols.

Taken daily as a health supplement they may help to prevent the onset of chronic disease






The First Certified Health Oil

The Governor Extra Virgin Olive Oil was the first Olive Oil to be awarded a EU health claim due to it containing extremely high concentrations of polyphenol compounds in particular Oleocanthal. Oleocanthal is a powerful antioxidant which protects the body against free radicals and protects cells against destruction (oxidative stress) which may reduce your risk of developing  chronic diseases. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the only food source on the planet where you can find Oleocanthal. Oleocanthal is of particular interest to the scientific world due to its biological activity. It is a potent natural anti-inflammatory which has been shown to interfere with the processes which are associated with many types of inflammatory diseases, these include:

  • Neuro- degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Joint degenerative diseases – such as arthritis.
  • Specific Cancers – Breast and Leukemia
  • Cardiovascular disease.
  • A high phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil potentially offers a wealth of other health benefits and could help with brain function, diabetes, helps to reduce LDL cholesterol and improve skins conditions.


The Governor extra virgin olive oil

About Us

Welcome to the UK home of The Governor Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils. We are honoured to be part of this amazing project and to be working so closely with such a genuine family.

We are passionate about using high quality ingredients to nourish our family and believe food can be a powerful medicine. Being a health-conscious family we are always on the lookout for authentic natural produce to add to our daily diet so we were very excited to meet The Dafnis family and experience their medicinal olive oils.

The Dafnis family are passionate about producing some of the healthiest natural extra virgin olive oils in the world. These are produced not only for gastronomy but as a medicinal supplement too.

We came across The Governor olive Mill and these wonderful evoo’s whilst on our first trip to the beautiful island of Corfu. We met George and Spyros on one of their inspiring olive mill tours. We were fascinated with what we learnt about the olive oil world, the natural production process and wowed by the superior quality and health benefits of their extra virgin olive oils.
We had always been aware of how good for our health EVOO was but what we didn’t realise was how the concentration of the health- promoting properties varied so much from one oil to another.


Dapnis family The Governor extra virgin olive oil


Three generations of Dafni family expertise, quality & consistency. Knowledge passed lovingly from one generation to the other build’s deep olive expertise to guarantee for consistently high- quality olive oil.

Olive trees The Governor extra virgin olive oil


The Lianolia olive is native to Corfu and the Ionian Sea region. The Lianolia olive tree under the right conditions and care, produces an exceptional quality extra virgin olive oil unusually high in beneficial polyphenols

innovactive milling The Governor extra virgin olive oil


A Micro Producer with Great Expectations. Their modern 2-phase olive press gives complete control over the whole of the olive oil production process so that they can confidently guarantee the exceptional quality of the oil


The Governor Premium is soothingly smooth and yet full of Corfiot character. Either start your morning served straight up with a daily peppery kick or drizzle its goodness to finish any deserving dish, a little goes a long way. Only dress with the best!


I have used olive oil for years but never really tasted it with other brands until i discovered Premium Extra Virgin Olive oil. Its tastes so fresh and the benefits that come with adding it to a healthy lifestyle is a no brainer. I have noticed the difference in my cooking with the taste, and also within myself.

Shelley Bird

It really is the Governor of olive oil!!!

Tom Kerridge

Michelin star Chef

I started using the Governor a few months ago after hearing good reports from bio hackers Davinia Taylor and it being used in cancer trials. Also, because it has proven health benefits i was curious to try it out. I take two tbsps everyday from the premium bottle and the other one i use on salads. Both taste peppery but no oily last. On salads and rice its consistency is not gloopy and adds a nice kick to the of flavour. My son 12yrs likes it and before he hated oil on anything. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June and have found taking it has helped with side effects from chemo such as joint pain and my skin is not so dry either. Well worth the investment.

Fiona Quirke

I first heard about The Governor olive oil when i saw it on Julia Bradbury’s Greek Adventure when she visited Corfu.What fascinated me about this is that Julia met with the producers as they sat on the 1500yr old olive tree in Corfu.We were due to travel to Corfu for the first time this summer and i was hoping to go visit this amazing tree and the Governor Mill but due to the pandemic we were unable to visit. So i thought the next best thing would be to order and try out the Governor for myself. It did not disappoint . The quality of the olive oil is exceptional. Its honestly the most luxurious olive oil I’ve ever tasted. The presentation and glass bottle that it comes in is exquisite and the health benefits are incredible. I like to have it on some fresh toasted bread in the mornings and sprinkle some over my summer salads. Sometimes i just have a few spoonfuls straight as this is also recommended. It tastes like silk.

Jenny Conlon Cooper

Worth every single penny. As a chef this robust, fresh, grassy, peppery  EVOO adds a real depth and flavour to food.

Luke S

I started using this oil 3 months ago and am noticing the significant health benefits especially in my joints!Would highly recommend as it tastes great and i don’t even like olive!!!!

Mandy Johnson

“I have been using The Governor evoo for 5 months now with my 7 year old daughter who is on the spectrum, since using it I have seen an increased calmness in her and her ability to sit still has improved. I put this down to it being the early harvest and having high polyphenols which help lower inflammation….. based on current research I believe most people would benefit from a daily dose of what I call liquid gold”

Tina J

“Reverting to an inferior oil after tasting The Governor would be very difficult, I am hooked!”

Adele Francis

“Healthy but luxurious product, with very attractive packaging-ideal as a gift if you can bear to part with it”

Julie Hall


As appeared in Liz Earle Well Being, Top Sante, ITV Good Morning Britain, Jeremy Vine Show on Channel 5 and Julia Bradburys,  – The Greek Islands.


Recognised year after year, nationally and internationally for the premium quality of our products.


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