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Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil - New Harvest

Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil - New Harvest

Taste the Governor EVOO fresh from the new harvest.

We are delighted to announce the arrival of the new harvest 2023/2024 Governor Premium Limited.

Harvest time is an enchanting time of year, and it’s a time of anticipation eagerly awaited by producers and olive oil enthusiasts alike.

We were lucky enough to visit the mill for a few days to help with the harvest and taste the new season's oil. It is always a very humbling experience. The Dafnis family work tirelessly from morning until late at night with a commitment to tradition and excellence to ensure the olives are pressed as quickly as possible to ensure the freshest, highest quality olive oil.

Harvesting began a few weeks later than usual due to unusually high rainfall in spring conditions and a long and hot summer. Olives ripen at varying rates, and they are carefully monitored in order to harvest them at precisely the right moment, which is usually within a three-week window. The olives are small, unripe and green when harvested. They contain only a small amount of oil at this point but a very high amount of naturally occurring antioxidant polyphenols.

Choosing to harvest early in the season drastically reduces the yield, which is, therefore, more costly for the producer. Choosing quality over quantity preserves the precious, healthy compounds, resulting in a superior oil that is healthier, tastier and more stable.

The colour is a rich green, the acidity is very low, and the taste and aroma are incredible. You are in for a real taste sensation!
Taste the Governor EVOO at its freshest.

The new harvest 2023/2024 premium ‘Limited’ EVOO is now available for purchase on our website. The Governor premium is expected to arrive around December 11th, available for preorder now.

As Christmas approaches, why not gift your loved ones or yourself the unique experience of our exceptional olive oil.