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Coffee and EVOO unite in a nutritional taste sensation.

Coffee and EVOO unite in a nutritional taste sensation.

Olive oil coffee is the latest health and wellness trend to hit the headlines.

Adding fat to coffee is nothing new. First, there was “bulletproof coffee” and now Starbucks has recently launched its new range of olive oil coffees named ‘Oleato”. The range includes an olive oil latte, iced shaken espresso and an espresso martini.

Inspired by the Mediterranean custom of starting the day with a tablespoon of olive oil, Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz decided that adding 1 tablespoon of EVOO to a cup of coffee was a great idea. He enjoyed the unique flavour and the luxuriously creamy, velvety texture that EVOO enhances the palate with.

Currently, the range is only available in Italy but it will be launched in the UK and US later on in the year.

Not wanting to wait that long, my husband who is a huge coffee lover thought that he would get ahead of the game and try making it at home.

It couldn’t be easier to make!

For an olive oil espresso simply mix your double espresso shot with a tablespoon of EVOO.
For a latte, brew your coffee, steam your milk add to your coffee and add a tablespoon of EVOO, mix together.

So how does it taste?

Much to my husband’s surprise, he really enjoyed the uniting of two of his favourite morning rituals. He said that the unique combination really complimented each other and was quite the taste sensation.
I don’t think it is something that he will be doing every day, more of an occasional/weekend kind of treat. He will be sticking to his morning EVOO shot followed by his coffee. I on the other hand am sticking to my morning shot or drizzling over my breakfast.

It’s unclear whether Starbucks decided to add this EVOO range for health its benefits or to compete with the unhealthier bulletproof version or purely for its flavour profile and mouthfeel.

What we do know is that adding a tablespoon of high-quality EVOO like the Governor to your daily diet can only be a good idea. Containing healthy mono-unsaturated essential fatty acids, high in antioxidants, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K, and high in polyphenols with anti-inflammatory properties it’s the daily nutritional boost your body will be thanking you for.

If you do fancy giving it a try at home using our Governor we would love to know what you think and if EVOO enhances your coffee. Drop us an email contact@thegovernorevoo.co.uk or tag us in your Facebook or Instagram posts.