Extra Virgin Olive oil and your health

The reason this project is so exciting for us is that these particular Extra Virgin Olive Oils exemplify what a high-quality product should be. Generations of love, care, expertise and a quest for nothing but the best results in an end product that is packed with what it should be, 100% high phenolic olive juice and not a massed produced product pretending to be something it is not. 

Each of the Dafnis families olive tree’s are treated as their friend and the way in which the olives are harvested ensures there is minimal environmental impact. The micro production means the process is rigorously monitored to ensure consistent optimum quality.

The Dafnis family are passionate about being involved in ongoing scientific research and trials into the prevention of chronic disease.

“Olive oil for us is a field of continuous research, study and experiments. A world that we love to explore, discover and understand every hidden corner of it and that every time doesn’t stop amazing us”   Spyros Dafnis – producer of The Governor ‘

Olive oil has played a important role in Greek history for centuries. It was a part of everyday life. It was used for gastronomy, skincare, religious ceremonies and due to it’s nutritionally rich compounds it was used as a medicine by top physicians to treat a variety of ailments.

Hippocrates called it “the great healer”, Homer “liquid gold” and  Galen praised it for its positive health benefits.

Today’s technology, research and a wealth of scientific studies has helped us to understand the health benefits associated with consuming EVOO as part of a daily diet.

EVOO contains a high percentage of heart protecting mono-unsaturated fatty acids, modest amounts of vitamin E and K and a host of bio active compounds. These compounds have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, cancer protective, antimicrobial, and neuro-protective properties.

So, what’s so special about The Governor?

Due to the very high concentrations of phenolic compounds particularly  hydroxytyrosol, Oleocanthal and Oleacein the Governor is classified as one of the healthiest olive oil’s in the world.

The Governor was the first olive oil to be awarded a EU health claim.

The EU Commission Regulation No 432/2012 of 16 May 2012 established a list of permitted health claims made on foods. This classified the various types of olive oils into a category with health-protecting highly concentrated polyphenols that protects against the oxidation of blood lipids. The claim may only be used for olive oil which contains at least 5mg of hydroxytyrosol derivatives per 20g. The total hydroxytyrosol derivatives in the Governor EVOO are 61% higher than the stipulated European regulation.  The Governor Limited levels of Oleocanthal/Oleacein are constantly around 966 mg/kg each harvest and the Premium around 957 mg/kg compared with average values for extra virgin olive oil at 135/105 mg/kg.

These bio-active compounds have received top-most scientific interest. In fact over 300 peer reviewed scientific studies have identified the importance of the molecule Oleocanthal and its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, cancer protective, antimicrobial, and neuro-protective ability to fight disease. These anti-inflammatory properties protect the body from Oxidative stress. This is a condition where the amount of free radicals exceeds the amount of antioxidants. Long term Oxidative stress causes damage to our bodies cell’s, tissue’s, proteins and DNA. This eventually lead’s to many chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease (strokes, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure) diabetes, chronic fatigue, asthma, specific cancer’s and neuro-degenerative disease such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimers.

We recommend as per the health claim adding just 20mg (approximately tablespoons) a day to your daily diet.

Scientific advisors

Dr. Prokopios Magiatis and Dr. Eleni Melliou are at the forefront of olive oil research in the world.
Dr. Magiatis is a co-founder and vice-president of the Oleocanthal International Society and co-founder of the World Olive Center for Health in Athens and Dr. Melliou is a co-founder and general secretary of the Oleocanthal International Society and co-founder of the World Olive Center for Health in Athens.

The World Olive Centre is a specialised organisation that is dedicated to the study of the health benefits of Olive oil. Its main objective is to provide support for clinical trials using high phenolic oil.

Prokopios Magiatis research is focused on the isolation, chemical synthesis and bioactivity of natural products especially olive oil and olive products. He is an expert on the analyses and measurement of bioactive compounds like oleocanthal in olive oil.

Dr. Eleni Melliou is a laboratory professor in the University of Athens, Greece in the department of Pharmacy. Her research is focused on the chemistry of natural products and particularly on isolation and structural identification of bioactive small molecules from foods with the use of chromatographic and spectroscopic methods.

“We can certify that The Governor is an extremely rare extra virgin olive oil that stands out from the usual oils. It is an oil highly recommended to all consumers looking for olive oil with enhanced properties for health protection”

 Prokopios Magiatis

Associate Professor – Athens University Faculty of Pharmacy

Scientifically tested

The Governor was first scientifically tested in March 2014 at the University of Athens and the results were compared with the results of 700 other olive oil samples, from 30 different olive varieties.

150 of the comparative olive oil samples originated from countries outside of Greece, specifically: California, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Tunisia, Cyprus, France, Argentina, Chile, Morocco, and Israel. The results were impressive. The oleocanthal and oleacein concentrations in The Governor were 7 times higher than the average of the samples. The Governor Limited EVOO was then invited to take part in its first medical trial.

The Governor Limited has been used in various trials with positive results.

The effect of Dietary Intervention with high oleocanthal and oleacein oliveoil in patients with early stage chronic Leukemia


Published 21 January 2022

For the Control of Lung Cancer Published: 11 June 2020

Oleocanthal in Swiss Albino Mice Published: 25 January 2020

Oleocanthal Combined with Lapatinib Treatment Published: 15 February 2019

Scientific research for breast cancer

2017  Oleocanthal combined with Donepezil (Aricept) (a medication used to treat Alzheimer’s disease)

2019 Oleocanthal combined with Lapatinib treatment against HER-2 breast cancer.

2019 Novel liquid-liquid extraction and self-emulsion
 methods for its oral anti-breast
 cancer activity 2019

Oleocanthal’s cancer fighting ability

2020 Human trials with Alzheimers patients…..awaiting results

2020 Human trials with Leukaemia patients….awaiting results