We returned from Corfu with our bottle of The Governor Limited EVOO and started consuming it as a health supplement daily both neat and drizzled over food. After conducting our own research we became fascinated by the many contributing factors that make this EVOO so special and the health benefits that it could potentially offer our family.

Five months after our initial meeting and having agreed to become the exclusive UK distributor we were back in Corfu to take part in the harvest. This encompassed everything from picking the olives through to the pressing. To have witnessed the effort and dedication that goes into creating this single variety same day cold pressed extra virgin olive oil was truly something. Tasting the freshly pressed oil hours after we had picked the olives will be a memory that will last forever. We hope like us you enjoy one of the healthiest olive oils our planet has to offer.

How we use the Governor

We recommend taking 20mg approximately 2 tablespoons each day as per the health claim guidelines.
The high phenolic content of The Governor oils allow for a smaller dose than using other premium evoo’s.

We take 1-2 tbsp neat first thing in the morning and then continue to drizzle it over food throughout the day.

Here are a few ways to get the goodness of The Governor oils into your daily diet.

Breakfast Drizzle over warm porridge, scrambled eggs, granola, tomatoes on toast or add a drizzle into your favourite smoothie

Soups Drizzle a little into your soup

Salads This completes a salad and really adds another taste sensation, you will never need to buy a shop bought salad dressing again!

Use to make simple healthy and delicious pate’s, pesto’s and dips Use in mash potato instead of butter

Drizzle over veg prior to cooking and after cooking to increase the nutrient absorption.

Simply dip some of your favourite bread into the oil

Deserts For healthier baking try substituting butter for olive oil. Why not whip up a olive oil cake or try drizzling over strawberry’s and ice cream.

As you can see that are numerous ways get your daily dose of olive oil. If you would like to see the above recipes and some more delicious ideas please follow my social media pages on IG and Facebook.

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